James Marshall Berry - Chief Strategy Officer

James Marshall Berry

James Marshall Berry built his first website in 1998, before the days of content management and WYSIWYG viewers, it was built in Notepad (and is still out there). James brings to the table not just website best practices, but IT best practices in general, having managed a PC support department that supported over 300 users with custom applications, including a remote sales-force of over 150 people.

Working at a graphics company meant familiarity with supporting both MAC and Windows platforms, as well as large main frame systems as AS400. Having left the corporate world as Director of Internet Services where he managed all corporate websites and back end technology, he stepped out on his own in 2007 and has not looked back.

Now he manages a team of freelance developers who are not only successful in their own endeavors, but contribute their ongoing knowledge to JMB Web Consulting and Wine and the Web, his sister company that focuses on the wine industry.

James lives in Sonoma Valley California with his wife of almost 30 years and has two adult children making their own ways in the world. He also has two office assistants, a calico and a red tabby.

James Marshall Berry
Jasper - Office Assistant
2008 - July 9, 2021