Website Triage

Because a site disaster never happens at a good time


Website In Shambles? We Can Help!

We had a friend say once about his car "I never checked the oil and one day it just blew up." The same can happen to your website. Not blow up like a car, but software is constantly evolving, as are hackers, and without the proper security, maintenance and clean backups, it can just "blow up." 

When that happens what do you do? Sometimes just starting over is the answer. But many sites can be salvaged without going to that extreme, unless it was time for a new site anyways. The balance between the time it would take to fix it vs the time it will take to start over is something you will need to consider.

We can help you with that decision. We have salvaged many hacked sites. 

Sometimes even your web-host can be to blame, as with shared hosting, your site is on the same web server as possibly hundreds of other sites, all sharing many resources. Changing hosts might be the solution and in some cases, the installation of a proxy serving firewall so that your actual site code is never exposed to the internet, but a "copy" of it is. 

A hacked site is a problem for sure, but we can sort that out for you.

We have all the tools to create your beautiful website